January, 1938
Shigeji Asahi began producing forged jigs and tools at Nagoya.
May, 1945
Shigeji Asahi suspended business operation due to World War 2.
January, 1946
Shigeji Asahi resumed operation and manufactured forged parts for
bicycle, spinning and weaving machine, and bearing.
May, 1953
Shigeji Asahi founded Asahi Tanko.
He became president of Asahi Tanko.
Asahi Tanko developed the company's own forging press and
established a forging method from heating steel bars to forging.
October, 1966
Asahi Tanko built Gifu Plant at Mitake-cho, Gifu and separated
the bearing forging section.
May, 1969
Asahi Tanko built Fuso Plant at Fuso-cho, Aichi and closed the
factories at Nagoya.
February, 1971
Transfer devices were Introduced to Fuso Plant. Asahi Kogyo was
founded and began developing labor saving and support devices.
May, 1975
Asahi Tanko built Shirotori Plant at Gujo, Gifu.
February, 1976
Asahi Tanko converted convertible bonds into shares.
April, 1980
Independence of lavorsaving and machine maintenance section, established "Asahi Kogyo Co., Ltd.".
October, 1987
Machining facility was introduced in Fuso Plant. Asahi Tanko started integrated forging production from forging to machining.
March, 1990
Shigemitsu Asahi became president of Asahi Tanko.
December, 1991
Asahi Tanko changed the corporate name to Asahi Forge Co., Ltd.
August, 2000
Asahi Forge built new plant called "Mino Techno-Park Plant". Machining
section moved to new plant. Asahi Forge expanded integrated
production from forging, heat-treatment, to machining.
October, 2002
Asahi Forge established
January, 2009
Asahi Forge received "The 42nd Good Company Award".
April, 2009
Asahi Forge built Okayama-Maniwa plant at Maniwa, Okayama.
September, 2010
Asahi Forge establised "Asahi Bluegrass Forge Corporation"
at Kentucky, U.S.A..
July, 2012
Established PT. Asahi Forge Indonesia in Indonesia.
August, 2012
Hiroshi Asahi became president of Asahi Forge Corporation.
January, 2013
Asahi Forge received "The 30th Commemorate Special Award" at The 30th Excellent Business Manager Awards by Business & Technology Daily News.
January, 2013
Asahi Forge received "Supplier Awards; Quality Category" from Honda Motor Co., Ltd.
April, 2013
Asahi Forge held the 75th years in business anniversary ceremony.
December, 2013
PT. Asahi Forge Indonesia (AFI) began integrated production of forging, heat treatment and machining for final driven gear.
April, 2014
Asahi Forge held the groundbreaking ceremony of Toki plant.
February, 2015
Established Toki No.1 plant.
April, 2015
Completion of the new office building at Mino plant.
May, 2015
The Chairman Shigemitsu Asahi was rewarded the Medal with Blue Ribbon.
Jun, 2015
The Chairman Shigemitsu Asahi was rewarded the title of Kentucky Colonel and honorary citizen of Richmond.
Apr, 2016
Established Toki No.2 plant.
Transferred headquarters to 72-2 Kaededai, Mino-city, Gifu prefecture.